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They say all good things have a humble beginning. Then honest effort, passion for the task at hand and the good wishes take over. The story of our beloved initiative Jalpaiguri Birds too follows that pattern.
This was initially conceived and created as an information database of Birds that occur within an approximate radius of 10 km in and around the quaint and charming town that we call home- Jalpaiguri. But as our passion took ‘wings’ and flew into a larger oeuvre, our canvas increased in a natural progression with the addition of a few kilometres to our bird map. The presence of some rare species within this increased sphere have been the main reason for this addition which have been authentically recorded by eminent Birdwatchers and Bird photographers from time to time.
Jalpaiguri Birds may have started as an initiative of only a couple of interested Birdwatchers, but as time elapsed, more and more people got actively involved and have contributed a lot towards the status where Jalpaiguri Birds finds itself today.
It is worth mentioning that this compilation is not literature based but an intransigent data listing of actual findings and hard facts owing its development to a bunch of dedicated individuals since 2003. Authenticity of information is our mantra as we strive for the next elusive spot, the next quick flutter of wings amidst thick canopy, the instant excitement and adrenaline rush that lasts for days…
213 species of birds have been recorded so far, and there is ample possibility of a few more to be added to this list. We all live in anticipation of that possibility. While we have our dedicated watchers, you will agree that such listings will always owe an enormous debt to all Birdwatchers and Bird photographers who have already added to our repertoire or those who will report the occurrence of any new species within the given area of survey that has not been included in the current list. Such endeavours will be highly appreciated.

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